The Atelier Malu Sanffer opened its doors to the public at rua Santa Clara 75, 805 in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.
A special space for you to discover the unique pieces in the of Designer collection.
The Atelier is where pencils and brushes touching paper turn into designs, the fabrics are manipulated, painted and embroidered. Here is where the creations of the designer come to life.

“Customers come looking for different and unique dresses and I invite them to discover the latest models in the collection. If the customer is interested, I can create or tailor a model according to the clients’ wishes, combining ideas, color preference, tissues and customer desires.

During the creation process, the client is invited back to the Atelier a few times to test the clothes and make small adjustments to make sure the piece will have a perfect fit. Typically, customers should contact the Atelier at least one month in advance to obtain the best results for the client..” – Malu Sanffer

Ateliê Malu Sanffer

Malu Sanffer Atelier